Getting to know us!

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The James Family – Riley, Nikki, Ginjee, Ginni, Amy, Gyro, Davey and Gooma …

For those who are curious, DNG stands for Davey, Nikki and Gyro.

We, including Gyro (our first Great Dane and honorary child), started out doing a number of woodwork-based projects ranging from alterations and renovations to building boats, houses and cabinetry as early as 2003.

Our big black dog became a regular visitor at job sites and at suppliers and soon everyone who met us always remembered Gyro.

The DNG family has grown exponentially since then and we now have 3 Great Danes, all of whose names start with a G! We also have a son and a daughter (whose names do not start with a G!) as well as a team of ladies that work in the office and a team of men that work in the factory and on site!

The DNG team (okay, so this is a very old pic … we promise to do an update soon!)

We recently added some branding to our vehicles, so if you see a White Ford Transit Van or a White Mercedes Benz Vito Bus branded with our big black dog, you’ll know it’s us!

Our Vehicles

Our vehicle livery features Gyro – the big black dog in our logo

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